Yu-Be Skincare Products

I was lucky enough to be selected to test out these really amazing products from Yu-Be!  They are a line of skincare products that were invented by Japanese pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari,  Yu-Be is a Glycerin-based moisturizing cream enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and Camphor.  It’s the uniquely high Glycerin content (achieved through a special manufacturing process in Japan), which makes Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream so effective on serious dry skin and what makes it such a unique skincare line.
Since I have oily and blemish prone skin I usually don’t use a product that I would use on my body on my face, for obvious reasons.  However, this is one product that I made an exception for!  The scrub is made with fine grains of rice bran combine with bamboo and gentle cleansing agents.  Once mixed with water it turns into an amazing foaming scrub that gently washes away dry and dead skin.  It also contains extracts of ginger root and ginseng which help tone and balance out the skin, while green tea, geranium oil and camphor that leave skin feeling soothed and refreshed.  Overall, skin looks and feels more clean and soft without stripping it of essential oils, which is why I felt it was the perfect product for me to try out on both my face and the rest of my body and I am so glad I did!  It’s like getting a double duty product!
This Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream ended up being another double duty product!  I think this is their most popular product and I can see why.
This is a Glycerin-based moisturizing cream enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and Camphor and those skin saving ingredients helps moisturize, condition, soothe and even protect skin.  You can use it to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to treat minor skin irritations.  It’s comparable to the Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream but without the Petroleum!  I ended up using this on my face for a post-peel skin moisturizer and protectant and I really feel like it helped soothe my irritated skin AND helped it heal faster.  Plus, I used it to help soothe and heal a sunburn that I had.  This is a product that I will keep in my purse so I have it all times, it’s that good!
I am a die hard Burt’s Bees Original Lip Balm fan.  I probably have at least 5 on hand at all times and have them stashed everywhere.  I can never be without lip balm!  I have tried a million different kinds of lip balms but I always go back to my Burt’s Bees.  This is the first lip balm that I have tried in a long time that just might make be switch.  I think I like it so much because it is similar to Burt’s Bees but dare I say…maybe better?  This Yu-Be Lip Balm may actually be more moisturizing than the Burt’s Bees.  I don’t find myself applying it as often as I do the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm so that must mean something!  It completely soothes and moisturizes dry and chapped lips using Vitamin E and Camphor.  Great product!
You can purchase these and other Yu-Be Skincare products directly from their website and you can also find them on Amazon.com
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