Yu-Be Skin Care from Japan

Even though Yu-Be products have been used by Japanese families for over 50 years they have been fairly hard to come by here in the states.  However, the products have gained a lot of popularity and it seems like they have popped up just about everywhere these days.  You can now find them anywhere from Sephora to even places like Nordstroms.  Founded by pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari in 1957, Yu-Be is one of the most trusted skincare lines in Japan,  The Yu-Be skincare line is based on one simple concept: creating products for the whole body that meet the entire family’s skincare needs. The products can be used for everything from dry, cracked heels to diaper rash and chapped lips to split cuticles.  Plus, they are formulated without Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Phthalates, Synthetic Dyes and Petro-Chemicals.

I’ve used Yu-Be skincare products in the past and really enjoyed them and I recently got sent a few other products from their line to try out so I thought I would let you know that they are worth checking out and that you should definitely be adding them to your skincare line up.
The most popular product seems to be their Moisturizing Skin Cream.  You can use the Moisturizing Skin Cream for just about anything and use it just about anywhere.  The best way to describe it is a cross between Vaseline and the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.  I have used the Moisturizing Skin Cream for my severely dry hands and nails, to help smooth out my split ends, for lip balm and to soothe Eczema spots.  It’s non-greasy and it works like a dream.
It’s a glycerin-based cream that is enriched with vitamin E, vitamin B2, and it even has some camphor.  It helps soothe, heal, soften and helps lock in moisture.  If I had to pick a favorite Yu-Be product this would be it, it’s a multi-tasking product that really does just about everything and can be used just about anywhere.

Especially in the winter month this Moisturizing Body Lotion is a favorite of mine.  It’s the perfect moisturizer to put on right when I get out of the shower and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth well into the next day.
This vitamin-enriched, non-greasy formula is sure to soothe even the driest of skins.
This Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish is a year round must have!  It not only exfoliates and softens but it leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.  The fine grains of rice bran and bamboo lightly scrub away dead, rough skin and the gentle cleansing agents help cleanse and tone.  This Skin Polish and the Moisturizing Body Lotion make a power couple!

*Lip Therapy

I’m a sucker for Lip Balms and I love a lip balm that you can feel working.  This one not only contains bees wax and Shea Butter among other skin loving ingredients but it also contains Camphor which helps heal and soothe my dry, chapped lips.  Love how this Lip Therapy Lip Balm feels on my lips!  I have a handful of these stashed in various places around the house, my car and of course my purse.

The entire Yu-Be skincare line is a wonderful vitamin-enriched and medicated skin care line that is safe and effective for the entire family.  I also love that they are all formulated without Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Phthalates, Synthetic Dyes and Petro-Chemicals!

You can also find the Yu-Be line of skincare products on Amazon…

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