Women’s Workout Program by Fé Fit

Have you already started in on your New Year’s resolutions?  If your like me then working out and loosing weight is on that list!  I’ve already got a head start on the New Year and I have been trying to burn off all of those Holiday calories by using this new workout program called Fé Fit.
Fé which is pronounced “fay”, is the periodic symbol for iron, one of the strongest elements on our planet and it makes Fé Fit the perfect name for a workout program!  What is unique about this program is that it’s made by women for women.  It’s designed with a busy mom in mind and it won’t bulk you up like some workout programs can.  This Fé Fit Essentials Kit contains everything you need to transform from frumpy to fabulous!  Choose from 28 workouts that are 30 minutes or less and cover Cardio, Core, Upper and Lower Body, Total Body Toning, Barre and Stretch Flow.  All the workouts are easy to follow and they are the kind of workouts that work out all of your muscles, and trust me, when you first start you WILL be sore the next day.  I love that sore muscle feeling, it tells me I’m working hard and going to be seeing some results!
As a busy wife, mother, entrepreneur and full time employee I know what it means to be busy.  I also know what happens when I don’t carve out at least 30 minutes a day of “me” time!  Craziness ensues!  Unfortunately, more often than, not 30 minutes in my hectic schedule is hard to come by.  I don’t know about you but this year I am making me a priority and that means working out as often as possible and making better food choices.
We as women should all make the commitment to make 2016 our year and commit to taking care of ourselves inside and out!  Not only is the Fé Fit workout program a great option to get you on your way to the new you it’s also affordable and definitely worth checking out!  #NewYearNewYou  #FeFitWorkOut

Make sure to check out fefit.com and all the programs they offer and don’t forget to sign up for a FREE Instant Download of their Total Body Toning guide that includes written workouts, recipes and fitness tips!!  You can also find Fé Fit products on Amazon.com

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