VivSlim Premium Weight Loss Capsule

I’m all for loosing weight the old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise but if I can take a supplement that will help ensure a more successful outcome then I am all about that too!
For the most part I usually have fairly good success with supplements that promise to help curb your appetite, boost energy and speed up metabolism.  So, for the past month I’ve been testing out this supplement, VivSlim Premium Weight Loss Capsule that promises to do just that and maybe even a little more.  
The VivSlim Premium Weight Loss Capsule has great reviews and seems to work for a lot of people however, for some reason it just didn’t seem to do for me what it’s done for others.  However, it did help me loose about 5 pounds over the last 4 weeks which I’m really happy about but it’s not the 15-20 that I was hoping for.

This supplement is formulated with some potent ingredients like Lotus Leaf, Bitter Orange Fruit, Konjac Root, Cassia Seed which work together to help suppress the appetite, speed up metabolism and cleanse the bowels, among other things.  I definitely think that it does all of those things so in that regard it does work.  It just may be a little bit of a stretch so say you can loose up to 25 lbs in 4 weeks.  I think the only way that would be possible is if your bowels were seriously backed up and then you would just be looking at loosing waste weight, not actual fat loss.
If similar supplements like this VivSlim Premium Weight Loss Capsule seem to work for you too then this one is worth checking out.  Another thing that I liked about this supplement is that you can take it on an empty stomach.  I have a fairly sensitive stomach so I usually have to eat before I take any supplements but I was able to take this one first thing in the morning without it upsetting my stomach.  I think a lot of people have the same sensitivity issues when it comes to supplements like this so if that’s you then that would be another reason to check this one out!
You can find VivSlim Premium Weight Loss Capsule on their website and it retails for $59.99 for a one month supply.
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