Ultrasonic Dog Trainer by Modus

I’ve always been against shock collars, I think they’re  inhumane and you can’t convince me otherwise. I have friends who use them and they work great but I would rather deal with a little disobedience than shock my dog.  Plus, there are many other training tools out there that work just as well like the Ultrasonic Dog Trainer by Modus.
The Ultrasonic Dog Trainer works by using an ultrasonic tone that humans can’t hear but dogs can and it help to deter barking and other unwanted behavior.  But does it work?  Yes, it definitely works!  However, barking is how dogs communicate so this is not a tool that should be used every time your dog barks.  For instance, our female Pit Bull, Karley will bark continuously when we have guests over because she wants to be the center of attention and wants everyone to pet her and love on her.  As soon as someone stops petting her or giving her love she starts barking.  While it might be cute on some occasions it can be really annoying when you are trying to carry on a conversation.
Ultrasonic Dog Trainer to the rescue!  Karley hates the Ultrasonic Dog Trainer!  We’ve really only had to use it a few times because now if she even sees it she will stop barking.  It’s a great tool for her and has really helped curb her barking when we have guests over.  However, it doesn’t work as well on our male Chocolate Lab, Kramer.  Kramer doesn’t react to it the way that Karley does.  He will eventually stop barking but not as quick as Karley.  So, I think it just depends on how sensitive your dog is to sounds.  I think it’s definitely worth a try if you are looking to change some of your dogs behavior.  Plus, it’s a much better option than a shock collar!
Obviously, it won’t work if your dog has hearing problems and it should never be used on dogs under 6 months old.
You can find the Ultrasonic Dog Trainer by Modus on Amazon.com


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