Ultra-50 Probiotics by Island’s Miracle

Probiotics is one supplement that I take a very regular basis.  I always take it when I am sick or starting to feel sick, when I know I’m going to be drinking alcohol and when I plan on going a bit overboard on sweets and especially if I’ve taken any antibiotics (which isn’t very often).
I always look for Probiotics that have good strains of the good bacteria and at the more CFU the better.  This Ultra-50 Probiotics by Island’s Miracle has 18 strains and 50 Billion CFU so it definitely makes the cut.  I find that when I take a good quality Probiotic I just feel better overall.  My immunity is better, my energy levels are higher, I rarely have digestive issues and my skin looks healthier as well.
On the flip side, when I’m not taking a good Probiotic I don’t feel as well, I have low energy and my skin usually starts to break out.  That’s how I know the bacteria in my gut is out of balance.  You definitely want to have more of the good than the bad.  The bad bacteria love sugar so the more sugar you consume the more bad bacteria you will have so you definitely want to be taking Ultra-50 Probiotics by Island’s Miracle to get the good bacteria in your gut and help balance everything out!
If you are a women and are prone to yeast infections then you should definitely be taking a Probiotic on a regular basis.  Also, make sure you are taking Probiotics after you do a cleanse or detox to restore the good bacteria!
Now you see why I take a Probiotic on a regular basis!
You can find Ultra-50 Probiotics by Island’s Miracle over on Amazon.com


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