Ultimate Serum by Reviv Serums

Ultimate Serum by Reviv Serums

I wish I would have known about serums like this Ultimate Serum by Reviv Serums when I was in my twenties! I’ve always taken really good care of my skin and it’s why I got into blogging in the first place. However, when I was in my twenties I don’t remember there being that many serums on the market. Or, maybe there was and I just thought they were for “older” people. Now that I am one of those “older” people there seems to be a ton of different serums on the market and it’s hard to know which ones are really worth the investment.

One thing is for sure, Ultimate Serum by Reviv Serums is one of those serums worth the investment. I’ve been using the serum on my neck and chest for over three weeks now and the results are impressive. I’ve been out in the sun A LOT lately and my chest area is where I tend to get most of my sun damage, even though I’m diligent about wearing sunscreen. Not only did the serum help heal my sun damaged skin but it also helped with pigmentation issues as well as diminishing the look of those annoying vertical lines us “older” women can get on our chests. Overall, my skin looks more rejuvenated, soft and supple. I also noticed that the skin on my neck is a lot more even toned, firmer and my neck lines don’t look as noticeable! I also love that it’s lightweight and absorbs quickly which makes it perfect if you are into layering your skin care products like I am.

You can definitely see a difference in the hyperpigmentation in my before and after pictures. I think my skin definitely looks more firm and even toned. To make sure the pictures were as accurate as possible I tried to take the pictures at the same time of day, using the same camera. I also used the same filter that actually accentuated the hyperpigmentation so that the any changes would be really noticeable and for me, they are definitely noticeable!


The reason this Ultimate Serum works so well is because it’s comprised of amazing ingredients like RevivFibroMedia™ growth factors, probiotics, skin bioactives, collagen producers, stem cells, peptides and other innovative ingredients. It also has some of the same ingredients used in much more expensive serums. The ingredients contained in the Ultimate Serum are proven to lighten, brighten, tighten and to leave skin looking younger and that is exactly what they do!

If you’re looking for a serum that will deliver impressive results then Ultimate Serum by Reviv Serums is that serum!

You can purchase the Ultimate Serum by Reviv Serums at revivserums.com. It retails for $281.00 for a 1.69 oz. bottle but it’s on sale right now for $99.00! You can also use code glam10 for an additional 10% off now through 08/15/19.

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