TrueSynergy Vitamin D3-Review

Since most of us don’t spend a ton of time in the sun which helps our body absorb the all important Vitamin D3 it is such an important supplement to take to make sure we are getting our proper daily dose.  These Vitamin D3 supplements from TrueSynergy are a perfect choice since they are great quality and a 5,000 IU high potency dose.  5,000 IU is a great dose and it is also what is prescribed for me by my doctor.  I recommend that you consult your own doctor to find out what they would prescribe for you.
Vitamin D3 is important for is important for the regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption, maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, supports the immune system and is suggested to supply a protective effect against multiple diseases and conditions such as cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
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