Tone It Up Tuesdays-Fritzzas!


I know I’ve said this before but I really do love the Tone It Up girls.  They are an inspiration to so many people (including me of course!) and they have created such an awesome brand and I love sharing it with my readers!
They recently posted a yummy recipe for Fritzzas that I wanted to share with you.  What is a Fritzza you ask?  A Frittza is basically a fruit tart that makes a perfect, healthy treat.
1 batch No Bake Everything Dough (See below)
  • 1 Cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 Tbs. vanilla extract
  • 3 tsp. honey or maple syrup
Your favorite fruit and berries!
Prepare no bake everything dough and place in muffin tins, press into the sides making an even thickness throughout. Cover and place in the fridge to set. Combine icing ingredients together and place in the fridge to set. Place a spoonful on top of each Fritzza. Top with a selection of your favorite fruit and berries.

No Bake Everything Dough

Use this versatile dough as a base for a number of different recipes! Anything from healthy snack balls, bars, or an easy crust for healthy pies like your Fritzzas!
  • 1 Cup quinoa
  • ½ Cup oats
  • ⅓ Cup raw cashews
  • ½ Cup dates, pitted & chopped
  • ½ Cup coconut oil
  • ⅓ Cup almond butter
  • ⅓ Cup coconut butter
  • 2 Tbs. honey
Place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until everything is combined. Put dough into the fridge until ready to use!.
Can you say YUMM?

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