**Tone It Up Tuesday**

Hey Tone It Up followers, it’s Tone It Up Tuesday and we are well into the Frisky Fall Fitness Challenge but it’s never too late to start so sign up here.  Here is a copy of the schedule in case you missed it!  
I wanted to share one of my favorite “workout” videos from the Tone It Up girls.  It’s actually a Foam Roller Routine and if you haven’t tried Foam Rolling I highly recommend it.  Foam Rolling is kinda like giving yourself a deep tissue massage.  Foam Rolling can improve your blood circulation throughout your skin, fascia, muscles, and even tendons and ligaments where you can access them with a foam roller.  It will also help lengthen short (tight) muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Some muscles (like hip flexors) and ligaments (iliotibial band) are prone to shortening, and are difficult to effectively stretch and apply therapeutic pressure to using standard massage and trigger point therapy techniques.  But with a foam roller, you can apply deep pressure massage to such areas and lengthen shortened tissues, thereby preventing physical imbalances that can predispose you to injury.
I first heard about Foam Rolling via Sue Hitzmann & The MELT Method a few years ago.  The MELT Method website has some great information and I highly encourage you to check it out as well!  Here is another great video with info about the MELT Method
Do you Foam Roll?  How has it helped you?  I would love to hear all about it so leave me a comment below…

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