Thursday Thoughts

My thoughts for this Thursday are all about forgiveness.  We all have things in our lives that have happened to us that have tested our ability to forgive.  One thing I have realized is that forgiveness is not about the other person it’s about you.  When you hold onto feelings of ill will and revenge you are only doing damage to yourself, you can literally make yourself sick!  Dr. Drew said it best, “Resentments are like swallowing poison and expecting the other people to die”.  I understand some things are more forgivable than others but if you have been holding onto a grudge or wishing something bad would happen to someone (come’on we’ve all done it!) then try to just let it go and forgive.  You don’t have to forget, just forgive so you are not holding onto all those feelings of hurt and betrayal.  How do you do that, you ask?  My advice is to write!  Write an email or letter to that person.  The trick is that you don’t actually send it to them, you just write about what they did to you and how it made you feel or write about anything else you would love to tell them straight to their face!  Once you get all of your feelings out onto that paper or into that email then burn the letter or delete the email.  It sounds a little crazy but it REALLY does help.  Just forgive; after all, you will be the one that benefits from it!  Have a happy & resentment free Thursday!
Here are a few links to websites that I find useful as well:

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