Thursday Thoughts

This week I am a little stressed out so of course my Thursday Thoughts post has to be about stress.  We have been living in our motorhome for 2 weeks now while we wait for our new place that is getting new carpet and tile.  I think I am officially at my “Done” point.  Not only are we living in the motorhome we also have our 2 dogs, 1 Chocolate Lab & 1 Silver Pit Bull (click here to see my post about my dogs) living with us.  Like any good dog owner that loves their dogs like their children (lol) they sleep with us.  While this was fine when we had our California King bed it’s not so fine in a Queen.  By the way, they don’t just sleep with us, they like to sleep under the covers with us.  Yes, I know we created monsters!  Not to mention the simple fact of living in a small cramped space and constantly on the hunt for items that I “swore” I packed in the motorhome!  Needless to say, I am not sleeping much, my body hurts from not sleeping in my normal, comfortable bed and every little thing is starting to annoy me (my poor husband).  Thank goodness my father in law is graciously letting our 2 cats stay with him, God knows what a menagerie that would have been!
I thought for sure our dogs would be stressed out going from a huge fenced in back yard to run around in to a yard a quarter of the size and not as much freedom and a huge house that they had the run of.  Boy was I wrong!  They are as happy as they have ever been.  I have decided that they must think we are on an extended camping trip and since they love to go camping it all kinda makes sense.  I am constantly amazed by dogs, they are so carefree, resilient and forgiving.  My new mantra is going to be “Live like a Dog”.  Or at least it will be my mantra until we can move into the new house…

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