Thursday Thoughts

I cannot believe it’s already Thursday again and time for Thursday Thoughts!  
I live in beautiful Central Oregon and in case you haven’t heard we have had a terrible (human-caused) fire in the area where I live called the Two Bulls fire, it’s 6 days old and now about 55% contained and those evacuated have been able to return to their homes (YAY!!)  Thinking about this fire and the people that had to be evacuated from their homes and the poor animals that surely lost their lives has put things in perspective for me.  I have been feeling a little sorry for myself (& my husband & pets) since we are STILL(day 22) living in our motor home while we are waiting for our new place to be finished and the old tenant to move out.  I am so grateful that we did not have the stress of being evacuated and the worry that we might not have a home to come back to.  Funny how a catastrophe puts everything into perspective!
The quote from Karen Salmansohn for my Thursday Thoughts this week seems very fitting.  I LOVE this quote!
I also wanted to share a pic that has gone viral (just in case you have been hiding under a rock) of Michael Wolber & April Hartley on their wedding day here in Central Oregon.  Their wedding day was almost ruined by the fire and they almost didn’t get married but the firefighters told them if they made it quick that they could exchange their vows.  So they did…
How awesome is that?  I always say…”Something good comes out of something bad.”

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