Slim Extreme 4d Argan Oil Thermo Slimming Cellulite Serum by Eveline Cosmetics

I never thought I would say this but I have become a huge fan of “Cellulite Creams”!  No, I’m not a fool and think some lotion or cream is going to get rid of my Cellulite.  However, after using various Cellulite creams and lotions over the last few months I have discovered that they may not get rid of Cellulite but when used as directed and on a regular basis they definitely diminish the look of it.
Lately, I have been loving this Slim Extreme 4d Argan Oil Thermo Slimming Cellulite Serum by Eveline Cosmetics.  Besides the fact that this is a Serum and not so much a cream or a lotion, what makes this one unique is the gold flecks that it has in it.  When you put it on your skin it just gives you a hint of sparkle that is really flattering.  I took this on vacation with me and even after I went swimming in the ocean you could still see the golden flecks on my skin.  I was really impressed. More importantly, I was really impressed with how this serum made my skin look.  It looked more firm and smooth and I really felt like my Cellulite was not as noticeable.  The serum is easily absorbed into the skin and I did not have any issues with the gold flecks coming off on my clothes.  It’s also very moisturizing so you can use it in place of your usual moisturizer.
I will throw out a little caution when using this serum.  It has a pretty serious warming effect so I would recommend that you do not use this product immediately after you have showered and especially not immediately after you have shaved if you are putting it on your legs.  Give your pores a little time to close back up, about 20 minutes or so before you put it on.  You will still notice the warming effect but it’s not at all uncomfortable.
That all being said the the warming effect helps the active ingredients penetrate through the skin better, but is not essential for the product to work.  So, if you want to feel the burn just apply after you get out of the shower!  Personally, I like the warming feeling so I usually apply it after I get out of the shower.
Overall, I think this is a really great product and I highly recommend it!

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