Sage Plus Clearing Spray by Moonwater Elixirs + Get 50% OFF with coupon code 97707CAN

I have always been intrigued by Smudging and I just recently purchased some Sage Wands and starting learning more about the art of Smudging.  The main goal of smudging is to clear a space of lingering energy, specifically negative energy.  There is also a sort of ceremony that goes along with Smudging, or at least there should be.  I am a total novice when it comes to Smudging but I think you should definitely have a clear vision of what your intentions are for the space you want to clear or for yourself if you are clearing your personal self of stagnant or negative energy.  There are many Smudging Prayers you can use or you can simply think and say positive thoughts and affirmations as you Smudge.
Smudging is almost like meditation to me.  I don’t do it as often as I would like but I always feel so much better afterward so I have been trying to make it a priority.  I also happen to love the smell of Sage and luckily it grows rather abundantly where I live.  
I know some people are very sensitive to Sage and to smoke in general so the traditional way of Smudging may not be a viable option for them.  That’s where Sage Plus Clearing Spray by Moonwater Elixirs comes in!  It’s the perfect smokeless alternative to Smudging with Sage.
This is just not any ordinary Sage Smudging Spray.  It’s formulated with Organic White Sage Essential Oil, Lunar Energy, Clear Quartz Crystal Energy and Reiki Energy.  In other words, this is a serious Smudging spray.
The Sage Plus Clearing Spray by Moonwater Elixirs is perfect for using at work!  Since Smudging with actual Sage isn’t a likely option in most work environments having a Smudging Spray is the perfect substitute!  Just make sure you don’t go around spraying it like an air freshener, put your positive intentions and thoughts into it as you spray.  It’s amazing what clearing a little negative energy will do for a work space.  I highly recommend it!
The Sage Plus Clearing Spray by Moonwater Elixirs retails for $19.99 for 8 oz. and can be purchased over at  Make sure to use the code 97707CAN for 50% OFF!  Happy Smudging!!
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