Retexturing Treatment by Exuviance

Who doesn’t want softer, smoother skin?  And I’m not just talking about your face!  We should be able to have soft and smooth skin everywhere, am I right?  This heavenly Retexturing Treatment by Exuviance gives you just that, softer, smoother skin all over your body.  It’s mainly recommended for your arms and legs but I’ve been slathering it all over and loving the way my skin looks and feels.
Of course I already knew I would end up loving this since it’s a product by Exuviance.  Exuviance is one of my favorite skincare brands.  Admittedly, as a skincare addict I have a more than a few brands that I love but Exuviance is one that never disappoints!
Everything about this product reminds me of a swanky Spa.  From the look of the packaging and the smell of the product to the results it delivers.  This Retexturing Treatment by Exuviance is formulated with a 10% Glycolic Acid/PHA which encourages cell turnover and helps resurface skin to reveal fresh, new skin.  That means your once dry, rough and flaky skin becomes soft, smooth and even a little younger looking!  It also contains Vitamin E, and Shea Butter to help hydrate, reinforce and protect that fresh new skin.
This would especially be a fantastic product to use if you have issues Keratosis Pilaris.  Otherwise known as “those annoying little bumps you get on the back of your arms and thighs”.  Thankfully, I don’t have Keratosis Pilaris but I can see where this Retexturing Treatment would be highly beneficial in treating this condition.
As with any product that encourages cell turn over it’s also recommended that you use an SPF in conjunction to prevent a possible sunburn.  Plus, you need to keep that fresh new skin looking it’s best for as long as possible!
I usually use Retexturing Treatment by Exuviance at night before bed but I have also used it as part of my usual morning skincare routine as well.  It’s a fairly lightweight lotion that absorbs really quickly and instantly leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.  I started seeing a difference in the appearance of my skin within a few days of consistent use.  My dry, rough patches were markedly improved and the overall look and feel of my skin was much softer and smoother.
If you are into skincare like me and really want to improve the overall look and feel of your skin then definitely check out this Retexturing Treatment by Exuviance!  
You can purchase Retexturing Treatment by Exuviance  on and it retails for $42.00.  Exuviance is where it’s at!
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