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If you follow my blog then you already know that I have some serious sleep issues.  Rather than rely on prescription medication, which I only use when I really need a good nights’ sleep, I try to use a more natural approach.  I actually have pretty good luck with natural supplements so I am always up for trying out a new brand.
The latest supplement I have been testing out is this Restful Sleep by Healthy Directions.  It supposed to help you relax, calm a restless mind and prolong your sleep cycle.  It’s an all natural supplement based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine belief that sleep issues start with the spleen.  In Chinese Medicine it’s believed that when you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s your spleen’s chi that is off balance and the spleen is a very important organ that every other organ in your body relies on.  Your spleen helps with metabolism, digestion and circulation and all of those things can effect how you sleep.
I have been taking the recommend dosage of 2 capsules, nightly, 30 minutes before bedtime and I definitely noticed that it makes me feel way more relaxed and my mind didn’t seem to be as busy as it normally is, which is a huge reason why I have so much trouble falling asleep, so that it awesome!  It also definitely helped me fall asleep faster but it took about 2 weeks before I felt like it helped me stay asleep.  I am not sure if that’s because it took that long to balance my spleen’s chi but I am really glad I stuck with it!  The best part is that I wake up feeling rested, not groggy the way some supplements and medications can make you feel.
I would recommend the Restful Sleep by Healthy Directions to anyone having sleep issues and just be patient if it doesn’t start working right away, the wait is worth the reward!
Go to for more detailed information or to purchase the Restful Sleep or you can also buy it on and use the Coupon Code SAVEREST to get 20% Off which doesn’t expire until 12/31/15!

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