Pure Salmon Oil by Purity Pupplements

Salmon Oil is always something I keep on hand to add to our cat’s and to our dog’s food on a regular basis.  I don’t use it everyday and I don’t put it in every meal but I try to add into at least half of their meals throughout the week.
This Pure Salmon Oil by Purity Pupplements is an excellent quality Salmon Oil that all of our furbabies love the taste of!  They would all gladly lick it straight off a spoon if I let them…sometimes I do!  However, I usually mix it in with a can of wet food along with several other vitamins and supplements and the Salmon Oil helps cover up the scent of some of the other things that they don’t really care for but that I want them to have.  I definitely notice a difference when they get their Salmon Oil several times a week like they should.  Their fur is always the first thing that I notice because it’s softer and way more shiny and of course their skin is the other thing.  The Salmon Oil helps keep their skin hydrated and since our Pit Bull, Karley has some allergy issues the Salmon Oil makes the biggest difference for her.  Salmon Oil is a “Must Have” at our house!
I always look for a good quality Salmon Oil like this one that’s pure and free from heavy metals, toxins and other impurities that may by harmful to my precious furbabies.  Only the best will do!
I highly recommend supplementing your furkids diet with some Pure Salmon Oil by Purity Pupplements, especially if they have any sort of skin or allergy issues.  It definitely helps relieve the symptoms of dry and itchy skin which in the end, makes us all happy!
You can find Pure Salmon Oil by Purity Pupplements over on Amazon.com and it retails for $16.49 for 8.7oz. or $22.49 for 17oz…
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