Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil by Gya Labs

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is one of my favorite oils and is one that I consider a staple for any Essential Oil arsenal.  It’s a favorite because there are so many uses for it!
I keep a bottle on my desk for those times when I’m feeling a little stressed and need a little pick me up, I just inhale or massage a couple drops onto my wrists and I almost instantly feel better.  I also use Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil to help fight off sugar cravings.  I just add a few drops to my water when I feel a craving coming on and it defintely helps ease those thoughts of sugary sweets that are running through my head!
Here are just a few other ways I use my Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil by Gya Labs:
1) Mix a few drops into Coconut Oil and massage into the back of the neck and shoulders to help relieve stress.
2) Mix a few drops with Jojoba Oil and use to treat blemishes.
3) Diffuse in home or office to eliminate unwanted odors.
4) Make your own household cleaner!  It works as a natural antibacterial agent and it smells good!  Just put several drops in a spray bottle with some water and voilà you have a custom made cleaner!
5) Helps ease the symptoms of a hangover.
There are many other ways to use Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, probably some that I haven’t even thought of!  As with any Essential Oil it’s extremely important to make sure you use a good quality Essential Oil, especially if you intend to ingest it!  I can always count on Gya Labs for their excellent quality Essential Oils!
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