Organic Super Glow Mud Mask by Maywood Creek Essentials

I love a good Mud Mask!  There is just something satisfying about the entire process of doing a mud mask.  From putting it on and feeling it go to work on the pores to washing it off and revealing refreshed skin.  It’s very cathartic!
This Super Glow Mud Mask by Maywood Creek Essentials is a great way to take a time out and have some “me” time.  It’s a little different from the other “Mud Masks” that I own in that it doesn’t dry down to what I like to call a “crust” layer that has to be scrubbed off.  Instead, since it can also be used as a regular cleanser it has more of a whipped texture that doesn’t completely dry down.  I like to buff it into my skin and leave on for about 20 minutes and wash off using a damp washcloth.  Once the mask is applied it almost instantly gets to work on my pores and I can feel it drawing out all the gunk that I keep stashed away in them.  I also like that it instead of drying out my skin this Super Glow Mud Mask actually leaves my skin feeling hydrated, that’s a nice change compared to other mud masks that can strip the skin leaving it dehydrated.
After just the first use my skin felt revitalized, soft and smooth.  After using it a few more I noticed my blemishes were healed and some hyperpigmentation spots also seemed less noticeable!  
I would consider this mask to be more on the gentle side and I can get away with using it 4-5 times a week.  If you have really sensitive skin you may only want to do it 2-3 times a week.  Either way it’s a great multi-tasking mask!
The Organic Super Glow Mud Mask by Maywood Creek Essentials retails for $19.33 for 8.8oz.
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