Organic Castor Oil by Shiny Leaf

*Organic Castor Oil by Shiny Leaf

There is no need to spend a ton of money on those expensive Eye Lash/Eye Brow serums when you can just use this Organic Castor Oil and achieve the same results!
Actually Castor Oil has many uses beyond helping hair grow.  It also has many therapeutic uses like preventing the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds, reduces itching and swelling on the skin, healing fungal infections, can also help increase circulation as well, among other things.
However, Castor Oil really can work wonders on the hair!  Not only can it help hair grow faster but it can help it grow thicker, stronger and make it shinier as well.  I like to do a Castor Oil Hair Mask a couple times a week to keep my hair happy and healthy.  I massage Castor Oil into my roots and scalp and then work it through to the ends of my hair, cover it with a cap and then leave in on overnight.  If I don’t feel like sleeping with the Castor Oil in my hair I will wait until I have a day at home and just put it on in the morning and wash it out before I go to bed.  I will also use this Organic Castor Oil on the ends of my hair to help tame flyaways and frizzies!
So, if you’ve been thinking about spending your hard earned cash on one of those pricey Eye Lash Serum then why not give this Organic Castor Oil a try first?  It even comes with a handy Eye Lash Wand to apply the Castor Oil to your lashes and eyebrows!
The Organic Castor Oil by Shiny Leaf retails for only $12.16 4oz.

You can find this Organic Castor Oil by Shiny Leaf over on


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