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I think a good quality anti-aging serum is something everyone should be using in their daily skincare routine and this Antioxidant Defense Serum by NeoStrata would be the perfect serum for the job!
This Antioxidant Defense Serum is formulated with powerful multi-action antioxidants designed to combat oxidative damage and protect the skin from premature aging while other specialized ingredients help prevent sun-induced cellular damage.  It also contains EGCG Green Tea Extract which neutralizes free radicals and helps protect skin cells and reduces inflammation.
This serum really has everything you need to help keep your skin looking and feeling younger and more radiant and it’s definitely one I would love to add to my skincare routine.
NeoStrata is already one of my favorite and trusted skincare brands.  I am always impressed when I try one of their products so I am hoping to win this Antioxidant Defense Serum for myself but I wanted to share their Giveaway in hopes that one of my lucky readers can win too!
Enter here to win the NeoStrata Skin Active Antioxidant Defense Serum and Good Luck!

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