My Top Two Favorite Websites to Shop for Farmhouse Decor

Home decor is by far my favorite thing to shop for. While I love shopping for home decor in Antique shops and other boutique type shops I also love hitting up my favorite websites to find unique pieces.

I’ve found some really great decor pieces from shopping on-line. Plus, there’s nothing better than sitting in the comfort of my own bed, in my jammies, face mask on, sipping on tea while perusing my favorite sites.

My top two favorite websites to shop for Farmhouse Decor have got to be Decor Steals & Amazon. Of course, I also love Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joann’s. I shop on a tight budget so I always make sure to use my coupons, discounts and to know when stores are putting items on my wish list on sale.

My all time favorite website to find unique Farmhouse decor is Decor Steals. They always have a great selection of vintage or made to look vintage items. So, if you’re into the whole Farmhouse or vintage look you will definitely want to check out Decor Steals. The only downside to is that they have a limited supply of items. Which is actually great because some pieces are more one-of-a-kind but then the down side is that items usually sell out really fast so if you see something you want you’ll need to order it right away. Also, make sure to get on their email list so you’re notified of the “Daily Deals”!

Here are just a few of the amazing decor items I’ve purchased from Decor Steals…

If you’re looking for some bargains then hitting up Amazon is a must! I’ve been able to find some quality Farmhouse decor pieces on Amazon. If you’re someone that likes to change up their decor on a regular basis and you’re on a budget then Amazon is for you. For one thing, I’ve found it’s the best place to find pillow covers. Pillow covers are an inexpensive way to change up the color scheme in a room and the overall vibe. Amazon is also a really great place to find what I like to call fillers. Fillers are small items that add a certain ambience to a room. Such as hand towels, decanters, candles, table runners and other small decor items.

Here are some of my favorite Amazon Farmhouse decor purchases…

Chindi Rag Table Runner
I have this in both the blue and the natural.
Jute Chandelier Cord Cover
A great way to hide ugly chandelier cords!
Beige & White Pillow Covers
I also have these in several other colors.
Burlap Placemats
I use these on my side tables and night stands.
Decanter with Stopper
I’ve purchased several Decanters from Amazon for our home bar and the bar in our camp trailer!
Decanter Tags
Using Decanter Tags is a great way to customize your home bar!
Wood Planter Box
I use this to hold my makeup brushes!

I enjoy creating my own version of the Farmhouse look and I feel like I’ve been able to do that on a relatively small budget using my favorite go-to websites. Plus, I feel like my home looks more like me and my style and not like I just went to Hobby Lobby and bought the same thing as everyone else. (although I do have quite a few pieces from Hobby Lobby too, lol)

While being able to invest in some bigger home decor pieces is great, it’s really not necessary. You can design your own interpretation of whatever look you are going for, whether it’s Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern or Industrial just by changing out a few small decor items such as pillows, throw blankets or pictures and shopping online is a great way to do that. Online shopping enables you to choose from a much bigger variety of items and you can also compare prices and look for the best deal, making it easier to stick to a budget!

What are your favorite websites to shop for Home Decor? Let me know in the comments below…I’m always on the hunt for new decor sites!

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