My Tips & Tools to Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

If it’s one thing I am passionate about it is skincare.  I have tried so many products and tools over the years that I really do consider myself somewhat of an expert, even if it’s only an expert regarding my own skin.
Even at the age of 41, I still have very oily skin and I constantly struggle to keep my skin clear of breakouts and I also deal with the on-going threat of spots from Melasma.  As a result, I have a few rules, tools & a Holy Grail products that I use to keep my skin in check and looking flawless and I am sharing them all with you!

My Rules for Keeping Skin Clear and Flawless

  1. Cleanse skin a.m. & p.m. – Never go to bed with your makeup on!  You need to take full advantage of the fact that your skin repairs itself during the night which means it’s the best time to use all your serums, lotions & potions since they will be the most effective during this time.  Also, never skip washing you face in the a.m. either.  Also, make sure you wash your face in the a.m. as well.  That nice glow on your face in the a.m. isn’t just leftover residue from the product(s) you used the night before but it’s also sweat!  If you simply cannot make yourself wash your face twice a day then by far the best choice is to skip the a.m.!
  2. Pillow Cases – Pillow cases should be washed at least once a week.  I highly recommend to invest in some really nice, cotton, high-thread count (600+), WHITE pillow cases.  Why?  Because, higher thread count pillow cases are much more soft and much better for your skin and white because you can SEE how dirty your pillow case is and you are much more likely to was it if you can see the dirt and grime on it.
  3. Clean your Make Up Brushes – This is one rule that is SO easy to skip but you should be cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a month.  There are a lot of fancy brush shampoos and soaps out there right now but I like to use baby shampoo, it’s gentle, effective and best of all…cheap!
  4. Moisturize – As someone with oily skin I know how it is to feel like you don’t want to put any extra moisture on your face and when I was younger I used to be afraid of all moisturizers but now that I am…um…older and wiser I know better, much better.  Even oily skin needs to be moisturized.  For oily skin peeps like me a good oil-free moisturizer will actually balance out your skin and help reduce the amount of oil it wants to produce.  Just make sure you choose the right moisturizer for your skin type!
  5. SPF – Whatever you do, DO NOT forget to put on SPF no matter what age you are!  This is especially important if you struggle with Melasma as I do.  Plus, the sun damage your getting today can wait and show up years later so you should be applying at least SPF 15 or more, to your face daily and with SPF in most lotions and cosmetics these days that should be fairly easy to do. 
My Favorite Tools & Products for Keeping Skin Clear & Flawless
I started to go into great detail about each tool and product but it started to turn into the longest post in blog history so I just decided to list the items that I use everyday or weekly basis.  If you have any questions about anything I use just leave me a comment or question below and I promise to respond back to you!
Also, I want to preface this list by saying that I use a lot of other skincare products simply because I am a beauty blogger and I test out everything that is sent to me by beauty & skincare companies and while I have yet to test a really bad product (Thank Goodness!!) I have a lot of different products in my rotation on any given day.  That being said, I want to mention that in addition to the list below, I highly recommend a good Vitamin C Serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid.  Please refer back to any of my previous posts for Vitamin C Serums & specific brands that I have tested and that I recommend.  Finally, here is my list in no particular order…

  1. Clarisonic
  2. PMD-Personal Microdermabrasion Tool – Holy Grail item
  3. bliss Pore Fector 
  4. Derma Roller
  5.  IT Cosmetics – Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+
  6. Paula’s Choice Resist BHA 9 – Holy Grail Item
  7. bare Minerals Matte Foundation SPF 15
  8. Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47
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As I said, please make sure to leave me any comments or questions you have and I will respond back to you.  I would also love to hear your thoughts or any suggestions about products or tools that work for you!

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