Mosquito Repellent Patch by Justified Laboratories

I’m always a little skeptical of Deet Free Mosquito Repellent products.  Even though I am not a fan of Deet it seems to be the only thing that really keeps the Mosquito’s away.  However, I thought I would give these Mosquito Repellent Patch by Justified Laboratories a go and see how well they worked.
Overall, they are ok.  They are certainly not the worst Mosquito Repellent product that I have ever tried, however, they are not the best either.  I tried using these on a long hike where I knew we were going to run into some serious Mosquito’s and applied a total of 4 patches but unfortunately they only helped a little and I had to resort to my traditional spray that contains Deet.  On the other hand, I also tested them out in our back yard where we tend to get a handful of Mosquito’s and the patches seemed to work a little better.  So, I think they might work for the occasional Mosquito but when you are surrounded by a few hundred or more I think it might be best to choose something with Deet.
These Mosquito Repellent Patches by Justified Laboratories are a great idea and smell a ton better than Deet infused sprays but they just didn’t seem to stand up to a serious swarm of annoying Mosquito’s.
If you would like to try these patches out for yourself you can find them on

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