Memoir All Natural Pet Shampoo Bar

Memoir All Natural Pet Shampoo Bar

Pet Shampoo in a bar form is life changing! We have two dogs, a Chocolate Lab and a Pit Bull and neither one are too crazy about getting a bath. It has always been somewhat of a hassle to try and pump out or squeeze out shampoo from a bottle while trying to hold them down so they don’t escape. Now, when I give them a bath using the Memoir All Natural Pet Shampoo Bar I can just wash them down and it’s so much easier!

The health conscious part of me also loves that its made with all natural ingredients like Coconut Oil, New Zealand Manuka Honey, New Zealand Goat Milk, French Lavender Essential Oil,and Brazilian Sweet Orange among other amazing ingredients. I also really enjoy the all natural scent and it leaves my furbabies smelling nice and clean. Plus, as an added bonus the shea butter leaves their fur coats feeling super soft.

Another great reason why I love this Shampoo Bar is the our Pit Bull has very sensitive skin and some Pet Shampoo has been known to irritate her skin but we had no issues with the Memoir Pet Shampoo Bar. So, if any of your furbabies suffer from sensitive skin then I would defintely give it try!

I will say I was a little apprehensive about using a Shampoo Bar as a pet shampoo, especially with the thought of all the fur getting stuck in the soap bar….ewwww. However, I was pleasantly surprised! While some fur does get stuck it’s very minimal and really easy to remove.

I can’t recommend the Memoir All Natural Pet Shampoo Bar enough and you can find it over on Amazon….


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