Magic Cellulite Eraser Cream…CelluliTx by Jan Marini

So, I will be honest.  I approached testing out this new CelluliTx by Jan Marini the same as I have with all of the other cellulite creams that I’ve tried.  With lots of doubt.  For the most part I feel like I’ve actually had pretty good results with other creams that I’ve tried but it was only because I was able to achieve a smoother skin appearance which just made the cellulite less noticeable…but it was and still is really there.  I’ve always said there is no magic cream that is going to get rid of cellulite but after using this CelluliTx by Jan Marini for the last month my opinion has changed! 🙂
I wish I would have been brave enough to take a before picture of the back of my thighs but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Even though most of us have cellulite it’s not something I want on display for the world to see.  I also wasn’t expecting much in the way of results!  I really didn’t start to see much of a difference for the first week but by the end of the second week I actually noticed a definite difference and it wasn’t just smoother skin, the cellulite actually seemed to be disappearing.  I can’t say for a fact that’s what has happened but it really does seem like my skin “feels” different.  It’s not just in the way it looks.
Once I noticed what a difference this CelluliTx by Jan Marini was making I had to know why this cream was different from all the other ones that I’ve tried.
CelluliTx is comprised of 11 key ingredients that work harmoniously together to specifically target cellulite.  I’ve have tried other cellulite creams with similar ingredients but leave it to Jan Marini Skin Research to figure out the perfect recipe to get rid of cellulite!
These are the key ingredients…
Nelumbo Nucifera (Sacred Lotus) Flower Extract
Capsaicin (chili pepper extract)
Acetyl Decapeptide-3
Brassica Alba (Mustard) Sprout Extract
This is one of their amazing Before & After pictures….
As you can see the results above are incredible!  My results aren’t quite that good…yet!  I plan on using this amazing, magic cellulite eraser cream for as long as I can possibly afford to!  At $130.00 for one tube it isn’t cheap so I’m trying to make it last as long as possible but with results this good I will definitely be buying another one before next summer rolls around!
For more detailed info on the innovative CelluliTx by Jan Marini make sure you check out this informative CelluliTx video!  To purchase your own Holy Grail CelluliTx cream head over to
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