Lumi Essence Organic Advanced Skin Brightening Repair Treatment by Sweetsation Therapy-Review

I have talked about my struggle with Melasma on here before so you already know that I am constantly trying products that promise to help me with this issue.  The latest & greatest that I have tried is this Lumi Essence Organic Advanced Skin Brightening Repair Treatment by Sweetsation Therapy.  Whew…that’s a long name!
There are three really great things about this Lumi Essence. The first thing is that it’s Hydroquinone-Free!  While Hydroquinone is proven to be a very effective treatment for Melasma it’s pretty toxic and known to have carcinogenic effects…no bueno.  Second, it’s non-comedogenic and for someone who has oily and acne-prone skin like me that’s a pretty big deal.  Last but certainly not least…it works!  I noticed all my problem areas faded in as little as 2 weeks.  That’s pretty amazing since it does not contain any of that nasty Hydroquinone!
What makes the Lumi Essence work so well are the potent ingredients like Kojic Acid, Alpha-Arbutin, Papaya and Pineapple extract, Niacinamide and finally Milk thistle that all help to lighten and reduce the appearance of dark spots.
If you struggle with pigmentation issues like I do then this is one product you need to check out for yourself!  Go to to purchase or for more detailed information.  You can also purchase on Amazon

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