Lugol’s Liquid Iodine by Basics4Balance

I’ve been thinking that I have Iodine deficiency for awhile now for a few reasons but mostly because I do not ingest iodized table salt at all nor do I eat a lot of salt in general and if I do it’s always sea salt which contains virtually no Iodine at all.  Iodine is essential for the Thyroid Gland to work properly and when it doesn’t several things can occur.  I have found that I fit quite a few of the symptoms of being Iodine deficient and some of those are weight gain, low energy and I also feel like I’ve even had some depression going on.  Now, I am no where close to being a doctor and I also know a lot of other issues can cause those same symptoms but my lack of Iodine intake and the fact that I’m symptomatic encouraged me to start taking this Iodine supplement.
This supplement is Lugol’s 2% Liquid Iodine by Basics4Balance.  It’s made from Potassium iodide and safely compounded in North America and manufactured in Canada.
I have only been taking it for a couple weeks but I definitely feel like I have more energy and that my overall mood has lifted.  However, the weather has also changed where I live so I have been able to get outside more and get exercise and spend some time in nature and that always gets me out of my funk and as a result of the extra exercise I end up feeling more energized.  So, I think it’s a combination of both the Iodine and the change in weather.  I do think this Lugol’s Liquid Iodine is beneficial for me so I will continue to take it hopefully it will be the answer that I have been looking for!
I think if you are feeling like you might be Iodine deficient then this Lugol’s Liquid Iodine by Basics4Balance might be a good option for you.  However, I would recommend you check with your doctor first.  Also, this is a great and very informative article to check out as well.

You can find Lugol’s Liquid Iodine by Basics4Balance on Amazon

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