Lemongrass Essential Oil by UpNature

Lemongrass has recently become one of my favorite Essential Oils.  I have been doing research on Essential Oils in general and was surprised to find that Lemongrass Essential Oil has quite a few more benefits than I had previously thought.
The most common Lemongrass Essential Oil benefits and uses are insect repellent, energy booster, natural deodorizer, astringent and germ killer.  However, it can also be used for good hair health.  The Lemongrass Oil can strengthen hair follicles by just massaging a few drops of into your scalp for two minutes and then rinsing.  Or, next time you’re feeling stressed, have a headache, neck or back ache try rubbing some diluted Lemongrass oil (I use Fractionated Coconut Oil) onto tensed, cramped or sore spots and feel your stress and pain melt away.  Another great benefit of Lemongrass Essential Oil is that is can support the immune system.  When the nutrients from the oil are absorbed into the body, it can be fundamental in restoring your immune system and can even help with the proper operation of organs.
Believe it or not there are many other benefits, all from one little Essential Oil (check out the list below!).  Lemongrass Essential Oil by UpNature is absolutely one oil that you want to have in your Essential Oil arsenal!  This oil is excellent quality, 100% pure, therapeutic grade, contains no additives, is unfiltered, undiluted and GMO Free!

Add this Lemongrass Essential Oil by UpNature to your Essential Oil collection today!  You can find it over on Amazon.com

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