L-Carnitine by Life Mastery-Review

My best friend recently decided to be in a body building competition so she is using all kinds of supplements, pre-workout powders, post-workout powders and protein powders and I’ve also heard her mention the supplement L-Carnitine quite a lot.
L-Carnitine basically helps the human body use fat as fuel.  It can also help support support workout recovery by reducing the accumulation of metabolic wastes during exercise, which enhances your ability to recover faster after workouts.
It’s suggested to take 1 capsule twice daily of the L-Carnitine by Life Mastery.  I have been taking taking 1 capsule in the morning and 1 about 30 min. before a workout.  It’s hard to know if the L-Carnitine has helped me loose any extra weight but I do feel like it has helped with my workout performance and recovery and that is all the proof I need to know that L-Carnitine works!
If you are interested in L-Carnitine you can pick some up over on Amazon.com

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