Instant Peel Exfoliant by Earthen Skincare

*Instant Peel Exfoliant by Earthen Skincare

I love a good peel.  I usually go for an acid peel but this particular peel uses proteins and enzymes to gently slough away dead skin cells.  I will admit that I was a bit skeptical but thankfully I was pleasantly surprised at how well this Peel worked!  The only negative I can say about this product is that it’s kinda messy.  As long as you go into it knowing that things might get a bit messy then you should be good to go!
To use this special peel Earthen Skincare recommends that you steam your face for about 5 minutes before application to prepare the skin for ample exfoliation.  As a shortcut, I found it works the same if you just do it while your taking a shower, plus it’s easier to clean up!
The actual product comes in convenient, individual packets which makes this peel a great one to travel with as well.  The peel solution itself reminds me a bit watered down paint.  You can either pour the product out into your hand and then massage into your face, neck and decollete all at once or you can do a little at a time and do it in sections.  I’ve tried both methods but I found it’s less messy if you do it in sections.  Once the product is applied you simply massage it into the skin and as it dries it will begin to roll taking with it dead skin and debris.  When you feel like there is no more product left on the skin you can rise with warm water to reveal amazingly revitalized skin!  I was impressed how much more clear, vibrant and glowy my skin looked after just one use!  I’m a sucker for masks and peels and this one definitely made it onto my new favorites list!  
 I would recommend this for all skin types.  However, if you have super sensitive skin it would be a good idea to do a test patch first.
This Instant Peel Exfoliant by Earthen Skincare retails for $50.00 for 6 single use packets.  However, you can also find it on for $45.00 with your Prime Membership!

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