Infinite Joy by Reduxa, Inc.-Review

Hot or cold, I love tea of all kinds and I always look forward to trying new flavors or tea remedies.  Reduxa, Inc. recently sent me their Infinite Joy with Ginseng Tea to review for them and lately it has been my “go to” tea.  
The Infinite Joy tea is actually an herbal supplement tea that contains a combination of 21 herbal ingredients that help boost the metabolic rate, increase the action of digestive enzymes, which in turn helps to burn more calories, helps calm your nerves, relieves stress and helps to curb food cravings.
I love having a cup first thing in the morning and then another one mid-afternoon.  It has really helped with what I like to call “boredom cravings”, the kind of cravings you get when you your not actually hungry, just bored.  I get those cravings all the time, it’s really annoying so I love that Infinite Joy has helped get rid of those!
Not only does this tea help with cravings it is also a great detox tea!  The Infinite Joy also contains a good source of vitamins B1, B2, C, E, niacin and K.  It also provides minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus.  It’s a natural diuretic which helps eliminate toxins from the system and promote cleansing.

If you like herbal teas that will also help you slim down and detox then I recommend you try the Infinite Joy by Reduxa, Inc.  You can order it on or by clicking on the link below…

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