Indian Healing Clay by Bael Wellness

I’ve been a long time fan of Indian Healing Clay and what it does for my skin.  However, I have never tried an Indian Healing Clay quite like this one!  
This Indian Healing Clay by Bael Wellness contains 94% Indian Healing Clay, 5% Turmeric Powder and 1% Clove Powder.  I already know that the Indian Healing Clay can do some amazing things for my skin like deep clean my pores, exfoliate and help remove toxins.  I have also used Turmeric a few times as a mask as well and it is a great antioxidant and can does a great job at clearing up face demons.  Clove Powder was a new ingredient to me and I was interested to learn that it has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory so it can really help heal any type of skin flare up.
Mixing Turmeric Powder and Clove Powder in with the Indian Healing Clay is a unique and innovative idea that combines potent ingredients that can help rejuvenate your skin and keep it fresh, clear, soft and smooth!
To use just mix equal parts (about 1 tablespoon) Indian Healing Clay Mask with water in a small bowl until smooth.  If the consistency is too think simply add more water until it smooths out.  You can also add Apple Cider Vinegar or Honey to amp up the skin renewing results!  
(I like to use this mixing bowl set that I found on Amazon which is perfect for mixing up DIY masks).  
You can find this Indian Healing Clay by Bael Wellness on the Bael Wellness website or over on
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