Green Tea Japanese Konjac Sponge-Review

Konjac Sponges are the latest and greatest skincare product right now and I have been loving this Green Tea one that The Japanese Konjac Sponge sent me to review for them.  I have already been a huge fan of Konjac Sponges because they are great at exfoliating, removing dirt, oil, dead skin cells and even blackheads.  Plus, they also hydrate the skin and balance out pH.
This Green Tea Japanese Konjac Sponge is has extra special ingredients infused in it like Green Tea Extract and Green Clay and it’s formulated for oily and combination skin types.  The Green Tea Extract and Green Clay helps with inflammation from acne, helps to prevent spots and leaves your skin soft and radiant.  I love that this sponge exfoliates and helps keep my skin blemish free and you don’t even need to use a cleanser!
The Green Tea Japanese Konjac Sponge is 100% natural and handmade.  All plants and materials are made in Japan for quality and safety.  The sponge is also Paraben-free, contains no harmful chemicals, preservative agents, bactericide or fungicide.
Go to for more information and make sure you check out all the other varieties of sponges that they offer and get one specific to your skin type!  You can also purchase them from or by clicking the link below…

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