Get that “Fixer Upper” Look For Under $100 Using Only Amazon

Get that “Fixer Upper” Look For Under $100 Using Only Amazon
If there is one thing I love more than beauty & skincare it’s definitely decorating.  Decorating has always been a passion of mine.  Recently, I’ve been dedicating some of my free time to redoing some antique furniture and redecorating.  Don’t worry, I plan on sharing some of those upcycled furniture pieces and some actual pictures of the rooms that I am redecorating here on my blog.  In the meantime I thought I would kick things off with this fun blog post! 
While I enjoy all types of architecture and decor I have always been drawn to a more rustic/vintage look.  Obviously, I am a huge fan of the show “Fixer Upper“, along with most of America!  I’ve always loved antiques and mixing the old in with the new to create a comfy, cozy look that makes you feel right at home the moment you walk in the door and Joanna Gaines is a women after my own heart.  
Thankfully, that type of decor and style has become more mainstream and accessible and as an avid Amazon shopper I was surprised to find so many “farmhouse” decor pieces and at some pretty good prices.  While I am still someone who loves to go antique shopping and find authentic antique or vintage pieces to add to our home it’s also nice to be able to find a reproduction piece that looks old but has a cheaper price tag.  However, I also highly recommend hitting up your local TJ Maxx, Ross and Thrift stores to find those unique, one of a kind items.
I was not only inspired to do this blog post after seeing so many fun items on Amazon but I actually took it a step further and created my own Amazon store filled with my favorite Farmhouse Chic items that you can actually shop.  Some items I have purchased myself and others are on my wish list!  
So, I hope all you “Fixer Upper” fans enjoy this blog post and feel inspired by some of the items here and in my Amazon store.  Hopefully, it will help you create your own “Fixer Upper” look!
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 These canisters are definitely on my wish list for my kitchen.  The metal would not only add that perfect accent but they have great texture as well, so cute!  These would also be perfect to use in the laundry room to store dry laundry soap or pods, dryer sheets and you could use the other one for a “lost & found”. 
I probably would of already purchased this wall unit if I had the extra wall space.  Again, it would add great color and and the chicken wire provides the texture.  Not to mention it’s a great storage solution!
I’m not sure what’s more popular Tobacco Baskets or Olive Buckets when going for a “Fixer Upper” look. .  They both add that vintage feel to any space and the Tobacco Basket looks especially nice with a Boxwood Wreath (see below) hung in the middle of it.  Classic.
Trays are definitely something you need to achieve a Farmhouse look.  Luckily you can find them just about anywhere these days and are usually fairly inexpensive.  The shabby look of these trays are exactly what you want to look for.  If you find the perfect tray but it’s not the right color just throw some chalk paint on it!  (I’ll show you how I style my trays in an upcoming blog post!)
I think it’s really important to add a little whimsy when decorating and what better way to do than some cute, rustic pigs!  These are perfect for adding some character, color and texture to a wooden tray or a Galvanized 2 Tier Tray.
Adding a rustic ladder to your decor is another way to get that Farmhouse look and they can also double as storage.  Place a ladder in your bathroom and use it to hang your decorative towels.  Or, place it in the living room to hang your throw blankets on.  You can even hang it on the wall like a piece of art!
Tip: Head to TJ Maxx or Ross to find unique towels in your color scheme that have different textures.  Hanging towels in the same color scheme but with different textures can give your bathroom a more designer look & feel.
You have to have some Burlap!  I have two of these Burlap Table Runners and I LOVE them.  Using Burlap is a simple and affordable way to add a rustic touch to your space.  Plain. Simple. Beautiful.
Nothing says cozy like a candle!  These chippy, aged Candle Sticks are the perfect example of what I look for in decorative pieces.  They have that old, worn look that I love and the color and texture of these are beautiful!  These are definitely on my wish list.  I have some similar ones but I say one can never have enough candle sticks!
I’ve seen these Post Boxes everywhere but I’ve never seen one for $29.00!  That’s a steal!  Long gone are the days when the mailman actually delivered the mail to your house (at least where I live).  However, I think these would still look cute hung up on your porch for decoration or in your home office for extra storage.
You can’t decorate “Fixer Upper” style and not have a few signs!  These rustic signs are easy to come by these days and I personally have several scattered throughout our house.  I love the simplicity of this “Be Grateful” sign and the wood, brown and cream colors can easily be worked into any farmhouse style decor. 
I would say metal 2 tiered trays are another staple when decorating for farmhouse design.  One of those cute, Rustic Pigs would look adorable on this tray!  The key to designing a 2 Tier Tray is to add different textures.  I also like to keep within a certain color scheme as well (I will also be doing a blog post on how I style my 2 tier trays).  When putting together items for a Metal 2 Tier Tray I think it’s important to add a mixture of wood items, greenery and ceramic and glass for the perfect balance.
This cute Tea Table has been on my wish list for awhile.  I would like to use it as a bar table but you could use it for tea, coffee or you just put some plants on it and use it as a plant stand.  I would be tempted to paint the metal with some white or cream chalk paint and distress it up a bit but it’s also beautiful just the way it is.
I’ve been collecting antique pitchers for about 15 years so I have a nice collection of some charming pitchers of various designs and colors and I use them throughout my house.  Some of them I’ve planted plants in, some I use to put fresh flowers in and others I use just by themselves as decorative pieces when styling a tray.  This Ceramic Pitcher would look so cute placed on a wooden or metal tray on the kitchen table surrounded by plants and other decorative accents.
I love these Chicken Wire Pendant Lights!  These are on my wish list for our master bedroom.  I want to replace our existing table lamps that currently sit on our nightstands with these.  Not only would they add that farmhouse charm but they would free up a ton of space on out nightstands.  However, I would also order Burlap Cord Covers to hide the ugly cords, plus the extra touch of Burlap would just add to the whole farmhouse look!
If your on a serious budget I find just adding little touches can make a big difference.  One of the simplest ways to decorate on a budget is to change out your kitchen and bathroom towels.  This Tea Towel adds just the right amount of charm & whimsy!
One thing that I will never use in my decorating is fake/plastic plants.  I only use real, live plants or dried/preserved plants like this Preserved Garden Boxwood Wreath.  I know a lot of people and professional designers use fake plants in decorating and it looks great, but it’s just not for me.  Live plants add a special touch to a space that a fake plant never could.  Plus, they help keep the surrounding air clean!
This “Our Nest”pillow is another way to add a touch of whimsy and charm to your space.  You can use it to add that special touch in the living room but I prefer to use this specific pillow in the bedroom.  With the bedroom representing the “nest”, it’s perfect!
An antique milk can basically represents the Farmhouse look.  I am still on the hunt for an authentic, full size antique milk can but until then this cute reproduction would look perfect as a vase for fresh flowers or some dried cotton stems!
A chippy wall shelf is also a must have to really pull that farmhouse look together.  The shabby chic look of this one would add a nice antique look to any space.  I would add a nice Creeping Jenny plant in a neutral or Terracotta pot along with some decorative finials and maybe a nice picture in a rustic frame to complete the look.
This Farmhouse Bench is also on my wish list and is something I will probably end up purchasing within the next month or so once I complete a few other projects.  A bench adds country charm and extra seating!  You can add a nice plant or a couple fun, decorative pillows to give it a more homey feel.  I also plan to take a piece of sand paper to mine and rough it up a bit to give it an even more vintage feel.
This Cake Stand is perfect!  It would look so cute with a nice plant on it, candles in various sizes or some other accents like Decorative Spheres.
These Galvanized Pots are a great way to incorporate some more metal accent pieces to balance out your overall look.  I already have some similar pots that I planted some Herbs in and strategically placed them throughout the house to add little touches of metal where ever needed.  They not only look great but add that antique element.
Another touch of whimsy!  Even though we have dogs and cats and we love them all we are probably more partial to the dog lovers at heart.  This Tin Dog Sign not only gives that extra bit of whimsy but the colors blend well with the look and feel we’re trying to accomplish.  I have a fun gallery wall and this sign is practically made for it!
Macrame has made a come back and I’m secretly loving it!  I have already purchased these and I’m in the process of chalk painting some Terracotta pots that will look fantastic in these Jute Plant Hangers!  This is yet another inexpensive way to get a vintage, homey feel.
Last but not least are these Custom Tin Letters,  I love the idea of having a letter custom made and I think it would give an extra special touch to any space,  We have a white-washed wood letter that I love but I might need to get one of these too!
I hope I gave you a few ideas to start your own “Fixer Upper” journey!  Make sure to click on the link below and see what else I have in my Farmhouse Chic Decor Store and maybe you’ll get even more inspiration.

This post may contain affiliate links which will help support my blog and I thank you in advance for your support. If you do not wish to use my links, no hard feelings, just do a search for the product and or brand on the interweb!

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