Forskolin Extract by Premium Pure-Review

I have talked about the supplement Forskolin on my blog before and why I am such a huge fan of it.  I really think it’s one of those supplements that gives you that little extra boost toward your weight loss or weight maintenance goals and I take it on a semi-regular basis.  I have been taking this 250mg one by Premium Pure for the past several weeks and I feel like it has really helped me stay on track.  I workout almost everyday and I watch what I eat and try to make healthy food choices whenever possible with the occasional treat (cuz you gotta treat yourself or you will go insane,or at least I will!).  Even though I live a healthy lifestyle I still struggle with being at the weight I want to be at and it’s mostly because my metabolism is a lot slower than it used to be (yeah, I’m old now) so whenever I feel like I need a metabolism boost or an extra energy boost I always turn to Forskolin.  I am allergic to coffee so supplements like this, that give me a little extra energy boost are a godsend to me!
This Forskolin by Premium Pure are potent 250mg veggie caps and they are safe, all natural and vegan.  They are the perfect addition to any weight loss or weight maintenance program!

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