Foot Covers, Toe Covers & Flats by Kushyfoot

Several months ago Kushyfoot was nice enough to send me a pair of their Flats to Go and several different pairs of their Foot & Toe Covers to try out and now that I have had a chance to try everything out I wanted to share my thoughts!
First, let’s talk about the Alligator Print Flats to Go that they sent me and why I LOVE them!  I love that these are totally portable and come with a nice little case to carry them in.  Since they can be folded or rolled up they are perfect to just keep in your purse.  Keep in mind that these are not flats that you would want to go walk around outside in unless it’s going to be on a smooth surface.  They are meant for indoor use and are REALLY perfect for travel.  Not only are they cute and stylish but they are also super comfy, instead of shoes, they feel more like slippers.  Plus, they come in 5 different styles to choose from and they are really inexpensive.  
I cannot wait to take these on my upcoming trip!  They will be perfect to throw in my carry-on and then I can just take off my other shoes off, slip into these and settle in for my long flight!  I will be comfortable and stylish!
Kusyfoot also sent several pairs of their Foot Covers and Toe Covers and I have been totally hooked ever since!  
I have several pairs of the usual type of socks that you wear with flats and they have worked fine but now that I have tried the Foot & Toe Covers from Kushyfoot I will never go back.  They come in a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from but the unique part is that they have padded soles!  What a difference that padded sole makes!  As we know, most flats do not come with much support or cushion and I don’t know about you, but after a day of walking in my flats my feet are pretty sore and achy.  These Foot & Toe Covers with the padded soles are amazing and add just enough padding to really help give your foot that much needed protection, cushion and relief!  Amazeballs!
Make sure you go check out and get some of their Covers & Flats for yourself, I promise you will love them too!
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