Fitness Friday ***Tracy Anderson*** Method: Dance Cardio Workout

Happy Fitness Friday!!  

Before the Tone It Up girls that I love so much there was Tracy Anderson.  I have always loved Tracy Anderson and her workouts.  Her body is amazing and so are the bodies of the famous women that she trains, J. Lo, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow, just to name a few.  Her method is to consistently and strategically open up new conversations between the brain and the body.  She pushes the boundaries of what we think is possible, and finds new ways to tap into our vitality making sure that we are highly functioning, healthy, and feeling our best at any age.
If you are into the big muscles then her workouts are not for you.  She is more about precise definition and maintaining a more lean but womanly shape…which is exactly the kind of look I love!
I currently have the Dance Cardio Workout & Dance + Cardio & I just purchased the Precision Toning but I am really wanting to her new Metamorphosis which one of my girlfriends just purchased so I can’t wait to borrow it!  As you can see, her DVD’s are very affordable, except for the more pricey Metamorphosis but I think they are a great little investment in yourself!

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