Fill Your Medicine Cabinet With These Essential Oils!

We’ve all become accustom to reaching for a Advil or Aleve when we have a headache or any other ache or pain.  Unfortunately, all those types of medications come with a long list of side effects like stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, labored breathing, nervousness, skin itching or rash, bruising, swelling, blurred vision or ringing in the ears…just to name a few.  It’s crazy to think that those types of medications can actually cause what you are trying to treat!
Don’t get me wrong, I suffer from Migraines and so far there is no amount of any Essential Oil that can cure my Migraines but using some Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oil can help take the edge off.
By using Essential Oils to treat what ails you also get all the other benefits of using the Essential Oil.  For example, if you choose Peppermint Oil for your headache you will also feel a boost in your energy level or if you choose Clary Sage for menstrual cramps you’ll also enjoy a good night’s sleep.  It’s literally a win, win!
All Essential Oils are not created equal which is why I chose to become a doTERRA® Wellness Advocate.  I’ve tried dozens and dozens of different Essential Oil brands and I just came to the conclusion that doTERRA® oils are just the best out there.  With doTERRA® Essential Oils I can rely on the fact that they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG) and that they are pure and free of contaminants.  The more pure the Essential Oil the more potent which equals more powerful results!
The other wonderful thing about doTERRA® is that they practice Co-Impact Sourcing®.  Co-Impact Sourcing® is the process of sourcing which is intended to provide powerful essential oils as well as create an industry that uplifts and instills hope in farming communities around the world.  In other words doTERRA® oils are ethically sourced and that is just as important and the purity of the oils!
Good quality Essential Oils are an investment.  However, try to keep in mind that you are literally using drops at a time. A 15ml (standard size) bottle of Essential Oil can last months or even longer.  I like to consider my Essential Oil purchases to be an investment in my overall health.  Looking at it that way makes my purchases easier to make!
If you’re new to the world of Essential Oils then I recommend starting out with Lavender Oil.  I use it everyday.  It’s in my diffuser by my bed, I apply it to my temples when I have a headache (which is almost everyday) and I put it on my wool dryer balls to naturally scent our laundry, among other things!  A 15ml bottle retails for $28.00 but it’s potent so a little goes a very long way.  You may think your getting a great deal when your buying that 4oz. bottle of Lavender Essential Oil for $19.99 on Amazon but you will need to use twice as much or more to get the same effects as one drop of the doTERRA® Lavender Oil.  Trust me, I use to be the one buying that 4oz. bottle of Lavender Oil on Amazon!
2019 is a new year and a great time to start a health overhaul from meds to Essential Oils!  Please comment below if you have any questions about any of the Essential Oils I mentioned above or even one that I didn’t.  As your doTERRA® Essential Oils Wellness Advocate I am at your service!

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