Dry Shampoo by label.m

I often wonder how I survived without Dry Shampoo back in the day.  Did I just walk around with greasy hair or did I just wash it more often?  Hmmmm…all I know is I am SO glad to have Dry Shampoo in my life now!
A good Dry Shampoo will not only reinvigorate unwashed hair but it will also add great texture and make hair easier to style.  There are two types of Dry Shampoo that I use on a regular basis.  One is the powder form that you pour into your hand and work into your hair and this one works best when my hair is really dirty.  The other one comes in a spray form like this Dry Shampoo by label.m.  This form of Dry Shampoo is perfect for everyday use and for those days right after you wash your hair or when you hair needs a bit more lift and texture.
Just a few sprays of this Dry Shampoo is all I need to add more weightless volume and texture to my limp, flat hair.  I will even use this instead of actual Hair Spray.  It does the same thing as Hair Spray without leaving hair stiff and crunchy and helps me create a fun style almost effortlessly!
This Dry Shampoo by label.m is a Must Have and retails for $15.50 for 6.8oz.
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