Dog Grooming Clippers with Massage Brush by RollinPets

We are fortunate enough to have two adorable furbabies, a male Chocolate Lab named Kosmo and a female Silver Pitbull named Karley.  However, with furbabies comes great responsibility and part of that is trimming their nails.
Truthfully, they run for cover when they see the nail clippers come out, especially Karley.  However, using the Massage Brush that came with this set of Dog Grooming Clippers by RollinPets made things a lot easier and way less stressful for everyone.  While my husband clipped their nails I used the Massage Brush and it really helped calm them down.  I think it will take several more times of nail trimming sessions using the Massage Brush for them to really be comfortable and less stressed but so far I am excited that it really did help them not be as scared.  So, once they start associating the Massage Brush and the Nail Clippers together we won’t have to chase them down for a trimming sesh!
The Nail Clippers themselves are well made with heavy-duty Stainless Steel and also has a nail guard which is a nice safety feature that prevents cutting off the nails too short which is always a concern of ours.
I also love that this set comes in a convenient bag to store everything.  Now, I can just hang the bag up where I keep their leashes so everything is in one place.  I love it when things are in order and in their place.
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