Dim Enhance Estrogen Balance by Lean Health

My best friend who does body building recently recommend that I start taking Dim to help balance out my hormones since it has worked so well.
First let me say that I am in no way a body builder but I do have hormonal imbalance which can create all sorts of issues.
Basically DIM helps to reduce and restore balance of Estrogen and Testosterone levels among men and women.  I know from experience that having the correct balance of hormone levels is crucial and that having a hormonal imbalance can wreak havoc.  For women DIM can help with everything from weight loss, anti aging, acne and even menopause!
I’ve only been taking this Dim Enhance Estrogen Balance by Lean Health for a couple of weeks now so I haven’t really seen a huge difference.  I usually like to take a supplement for a full 30 days and base my results on a 30 days usage.  While sometimes you can see results a lot sooner than 30 days it can easily take more than 30 days as well.
This Dim Enhance Estrogen Balance by Lean Health is made with an interesting proprietary blend of DIM, Chrysin, Sienna Leaf Extract, Dried Plum Extract among other ingredients.
I wish I could say that I have noticed a remarkable difference in the way I feel and/or look but in the couple of weeks that I have been taking it I haven’t really noticed much of one.  However, my best friend lives for this stuff so I am excited to see some results over the next couple of weeks!
You can find Dim Enhance Estrogen Balance by Lean Health on Amazon.com

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