Detox Body Wraps by Liposculpture Talk

For some reason I have been hearing a lot about these Detox Body Wrap treatments lately so I was exited to try it out for myself.  They are supposed to help remove the build up of toxins, help the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. improve skin tone and can even help you loose a few inches. Overall, I was pretty impressed with my own experience with the Detox Body Wraps by Liposculpture Talk!  After I finally figured out how to apply the wraps properly so they would stay in place (it took me a couple tries!) I left them on over the clay mask product for about an hour and lounged around in my robe while the wraps and clay worked their magic.
Afterwards, I undid the wraps and ended up taking a shower (they say you can just wipe off the excess and there is no need to take a shower but I felt like I needed a shower).  After I got out of the shower I noticed that the tone and texture of my skin seemed more smooth and supple and just looked better overall.  I didn’t notice any inches lost or feel like I lost any but I really did love the way my skin looked and felt after just one use of the Detox Body Wraps by Liposculpture Talk.  I have done the treatment again a few times and I continue to be impressed with my skin tone and texture each time.  I am can’t say whether or not any toxins are removed but they way my skin looks and feels after each treatment is similar to what my the skin on my face looks and feels like when I use a good face mask so I would say that it must be removing something!
I will definitely continue to use this Detox Body Wrap because I love what is does for the look and feel of my skin!

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