Creatine by Natura Formulas

I only recently discovered the awesome benefits of taking a Creatine Monohydrate supplement thanks to Natura Formulas.  Creatine helps promote muscle growth, increases fat burning, enhances endurance, decreases fatigue and can even help decrease muscle soreness.  This Creatine by Natura Formulas is a great quality supplement that comes in a white powder form.  I really feel like it has really helped me through out my workout process and it will be something that I continue to take from now on.
It’s pretty much tasteless so you can mix it with water but I like to add a scoop to my morning smoothie and then I will just add it to the water than I drink throughout the day.
The recommended dosage is as follows:
As a dietary supplement, begin use with the loading phase. Take one (1) scoop three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening, with meals. Take one (1) additional scoop before going to bed. Continue loading three times a day and before bed for five (5) consecutive days for enhanced results.
After loading phase, continue with a maintenance phase. Take one (1) scoop with a meal or immediately after workout, with post-workout shake. It is recommended to drink 2L of water daily for optimal results.
I also highly recommend their Branch-Chain Amino Acids!  Go to for more information and you can purchase it on
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