Colon Cleanse Herbal Detox by Rami Naturals-Review

Using an herbal detox/cleanse like this one that Rami Naturals sent me along with some really good Probiotics has been my saving grace and has really helped me get rid of this nasty cold & flu bug that I have been dealing with for the last week.
The Colon Cleanse Herbal Detox is made with herbs, fiber and nutrients like Oat, Alfalfa, Psyllium, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Rhubard, Gentian, Aloe Vera, Cascara Sagrada, Goldenseal, Buckthorn, Bentonite and all these ingredients help the body get rid of toxins and supports digestive health.  This cleanse is also free of fillers and contains no additives!
Eating a healthy diet and getting some exercise is also really important while doing a cleanse so that means eating lots of green veggies and fruit and this detox cleanse also comes with a FREE ebook full of great salad recipes!!
For more information or to purchase go to or click on the link below…

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