Buttercream Frosting Roll-On Perfume with Natural Oils by Jaqua

My favorite perfumes have always been those with a base note of Vanilla.  Anything too floral always smells amazing at first but then it usually becomes overpowering and I end up with a headache so I have to be fairly picky about what I wear for perfume.  Finally, this Buttercream Frosting Roll-On Perfume by Jaqua came into my life and it’s just so good.  I’m actually starting to think that it was made specifically for me and I just can’t get enough of it!  It smells like a cupcake but it’s not too sweet, it has a hint of Banana and just the slightest bit of floral.  It’s smells perfectly amazing!  Wearing this, someone is bound to ask you what you have on because it just smells THAT good!
I honestly don’t usually wear perfume too much but when I do I prefer to go with something made from Natural Oils and in Roller Ball form, just like this Buttercream Frosting one.  I literally have about four or five different ones in my handbag right now.  I actually use them more for Aromatherapy.  Depending on my mood I just roll one on and I can instantly feel better or the smell can just take me away for a moment.  Since I’ve had this Buttercream Frosting Perfume I have been putting it on every morning without fail because I LOVE the smell it instantly puts me in a good mood!
The other great thing is that all Jaqua products are made in the USA and Cruelty Free!  This is my first time trying their Perfume (can’t wait to try the other scents…Coconut Buttercream, Pink Champagne & Raspberry Buttercream!) but I’ve also used their Raspberry Buttercream Frosting Hand Cream and not only does it smell out of this world but it leaves your hands feeling soft and silky!  If your into smelling like baked goods then anything Jaqua Beauty is a MUST HAVE!
Make sure to head over to their bakery…I mean…website over at jaquabathandbody.com
and check out all their delicious products!
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