Bright On! Brightening Crème by Everfairy

For those of you readers that don’t already know I happen to suffer from Melasma.  What is Melasma you ask?  Basically, it’s a really annoying skin condition that causes spots of hyperpigmentation.  Usually, Melasma is found on the face neck & decollete area and some cases of Melasma can be more severe than others.  My case of Melasma is not severe but it’s definitely noticeable and like I said before…really annoying.  Sun perpetuates Melasma so using sunscreen everyday is a must!  I wear 50 SPF on my face and neck everyday.  However, keeping my Melasma in check is a daily battle for me which is why I am constantly trying every lightening & brightening cream I can get my hands on.
Most creams, lotions and potions that promise to lighten & brighten rely on Hydroquinone which can be toxic and is banned in several countries.  Thankfully some companies like Everfairy take a more natural approach!  Bright On! Brightening Crème by Everfairy is made from safe, natural and organic ingredients.  Bright On! uses Hyaluronic and Kojic Acid which not only helps lighten, brighten and even out skin tone but it also helps keep skin clear of blemishes and leaves skin nourished and hydrated.  It’s really the prefect lightening cream for me and since I started using it a few weeks ago I have seen a noticeable difference in my Melasma spots.  No matter what I use my spots never fully disappear but being able to see visible results with a natural and organic cream like Bright On! Brightening Crème by Everfairy is pretty amazing.
I cannot stress using a daily SPF enough!  Especially, if you are dealing with hyperpigmentation issues like me.  I would also recommend using at least 25+ SPF, the higher the better.  If you don’t use an SPF and you are using a lightening cream chances are pretty high that those spots you are trying so desperately to get rid of will come right back.
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