Biotin by Number One Nutrition

I have used Biotin to keep my hair, skin and nails healthy and in good condition off and on for years.  I definitely notice a dramatic difference, especially in my nails when I am taking it and when I am not.  
For some reason my fingernails are the first thing that suffers when I stop taking Biotin.  They become way more brittle and they don’t grow near as fast as they do when I am taking the Biotin.
I also notice a difference in my skin and hair.  My hair seems more healthy and grows a lot faster and my skin seems to have more of that inner glow and appears more supple.
This Biotin by Number One Nutrition is the maximum potency and value at 10,000 mcg so it’s the perfect option if your growing out your hair and nails or wanting supple, glowing skin!
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