Avocado & Vitamin E Nourishing Sheet Masks by Spa Life

One of my all time favorite skincare items is a good mask.  I love a good clay mask when my skin is looking congested and dull skin.  The clay helps draw out the impurities as it dries and it can also exfoliate the skin as it’s being washed off leaving skin clear and smooth.  However, when my skin is feeling dehydrated and looking aged I love a good sheet mask!  Sheet masks work wonders on dehydrated and overworked skin.
I recently tested out these Avocado & Vitamin E Nourishing Sheet Masks by Spa Life and I was pretty impressed with my results.  I have been putting my skin through a lot lately with chemical peels so it was in desperate need of some hydration and repair and these sheet masks did the trick!
These sheet masks are fairly typical in size and the material used and they are fully loaded with product to ensure intense hydration.
I actually prefer to heat my sheet masks up in the microwave for about 10 seconds before application.  I think the heat helps my pores open up and soak up more of the product.  I recommend leaving them on for at least 20 minutes or until sheet masks starts to feel dry and then massage in any remaining product.
The Avocado and Vitamin E in these sheet masks really help hydrate and nourish skin helping it feel moisturized, soft and supple!  I would really recommend these if you have been doing any type of peel or heavy exfoliation to help replenish and repair your skin!
You can find these Avocado & Vitamin E Nourishing Sheet Masks by Spa Life on Amazon.com

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